6 Beautiful Countertop Material Ideas

Get inspired to remodel with these different countertop options for your kitchen. We get inspiration for remodeling ideas through different building materials. One of those building features is a counter top. The options are endless in color, style, and type of material. It can be used to tie in other colors or themes throughout the […]


How To Prep Your Home for Construction

Remodeling is an exciting venture! A new kitchen or bedroom can change the way you use the space. Before that transformation happens, there are a few things you can do to help prep your space for change. Not only will this make starting the project easier and quicker, but it will help you get into […]


Build it Green, Maximize Your Investment

Remodels which employ green materials, and construction practices can deliver tangible benefits to homeowners. They enhance your family’s enjoyment of your home, provide an opportunity to choose features and amenities which add value when you sell, and allow you to make upgrades which save energy and reduce your utility bills.  The green building movement has […]


Make Your Home Fire Safe

By: Steve Bonser On June 27th, 1990, the devastating Painted Cave Fire swept through neighborhoods in Santa Barbara’s foothills and into Hope Ranch. Over 400 homes and structures were engulfed as flames powered by 40 mile an hour sundowner winds and 109 degree temperatures roared toward the Pacific Ocean. For most homeowners, the 1977 Sycamore […]


Bathroom Remodel Ideas

By: Steve Bonser So you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom? It’s a wise investment according to those in the know. Real estate experts say kitchen and bathroom upgrades pay the best dividends. In fact, a study by Remodeling Magazine found that updating the bathroom delivers the greatest return on money spent on your home – […]


How to Remodel Your Garage

By: Steve Bonser Part One Consider the lowly garage. For most of us, it’s either mainly reserved for your vehicle, a storage space packed with junk and boxes, a workshop for the man of the house, or the laundry area. In many cases, it’s a combination of all of the above. When it comes to […]