Partner Spotlight: Gen7Co

We are passionate about personalized and sustainable building. Our close partner, Gen7Co, feels the same. We caught up with Gabe Crane, owner of Gen7Co, to learn more about them. His company focuses on incorporating reusable materials in new construction to help sustain our planet. Check out their website here. (

Where does the name Gen7Co come from?

The name comes from a couple of different things: I represent the 7th generation of my family in Santa Barbara so Gen7 was initially born in homage to my family history. There’s also an ancient Iroquois law that states that the decisions we make today should benefit the children seven generations into the future.  Since sustainability has been something of interest to me for years, and because the shipping container industry involves re-purposing, I decided to make that part of my story. So Gen7Co is a representation of my family and future families that will inevitably be affected by the things we do today. 

What services do you provide?

My model is based on three aspects.

1. Shipping container sales, wholesale or retail.  

2. Shipping container custom projects (encapsulating anything from construction offices to container homes)

3. Shipping container consulting.  I also provide project and logistics management.

How long is the process for getting a shipping container?

The process and timeframe is dependent on volume.  But generally speaking it’s very quick; approximately 2-3days after an order is placed to receive your container.  

What inspired you to get into sustainable building?

I think my love of the land and the oceans is probably what has inspired me the most to get into sustainability.  When you have a real affinity for something, and you see it getting affected negatively by humans in ways that are most definitely avoidable, it’s motivating.  

Gen7Co’s undeniable dedication to help create a more sustainable future while also satisfying the needs of today is why we love working with this company. We are happy to work with local companies creating a better future for Santa Barbara and the planet.

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