6 Beautiful Countertop Material Ideas

Get inspired to remodel with these different countertop options for your kitchen.

We get inspiration for remodeling ideas through different building materials. One of those building features is a counter top. The options are endless in color, style, and type of material. It can be used to tie in other colors or themes throughout the kitchen and home. Here are six different countertop materials that can make a big difference in your remodel.

1. Granite

This stone is a popular choice for a kitchen counter. While this material is less affordable, it makes up in durability and is impervious to heat. It’s easy to find granite that will match your projects aesthetic because there are thousands of different colors and types of granite available.

2. Wood

While this countertop is more vulnerable to scratching and water stains as time goes on, it provides a unique look that other materials can’t match. When a wood counter is properly cared for, it can last for years. Wood can also be dyed with different colored stains, adding to the versatility of this material. Choosing wood as your countertop material will create an original looking kitchen as no wood counter looks the same as the next.

3. Concrete

The heaviest counter top material, concrete can be poured on site to create a strong and durable countertop that will stand the test of time. This option is more costly because it’s custom work, but it fits perfectly with an industrial/modern aesthetic. Concrete can also be stained and even textured, providing more options for your kitchen design. It’s important to note that concrete is a highly porous material and will need to be regularly sealed to maintain its resistance to spills.

4. Steel

Another more industrial style counter top material is steel. This material can be easily scratched, but it’s also impervious to heat damage and is easy to maintain. Steel is a more expensive option because they are custom made to fit in your kitchen, which also means that there won’t be any seams on your counter.

5. Marble

Another popular stone is marble. Always unique, this countertop material has similar benefits as granite. While it’s waterproof and heatproof, marble can also get scratched/stained. This type of stone requires more maintenance compared to others, but its design style is beautiful and airy, giving a lighter and softer look to your kitchen.

6. Laminate

A more affordable option, laminate, has endless styles and designs creating incredible versatility. Laminate is easy to maintain, and is considered a do-it-yourself friendly option. It also has some drawbacks. The seams are always visible and it can get scratched and worn as time goes on. If you are on a budget and still want a nice looking counter, laminate is a great option, especially since it will be easy to find a style that matches perfectly with your home design.

Remodeling your kitchen opens up many different styling options for your new kitchen. When it comes to deciding what your countertop should be, it’s important to think about the style, maintenance, and cost of the counter material.

6 Beautiful Countertop Material Ideas