Unique Shipping Container Projects

Shipping containers are great canvases for unique and sustainable structures. They are highly customizable and the potential for creativity is endless!

Take a look at these five unique shipping container projects:

1. Pizza Food Truck:

This shipping container was converted into a moving food truck. What makes this project special is that it has a 5,000 pound oven inside that can heat up to 800 degrees, making a perfect pie in 60 seconds. It utilizes the industrial nature of a shipping container, while still being mobile and providing a food product. Getting pizza from this food truck is a once in a lifetime experience — view now

2. Artificial Clouds:

Named the WEDEW system, this shipping container harvests drinking water from air by creating condensation inside the container. The container is easily transportable and is an energy efficient way generate drinking water while also having a negative carbon footprint. — view now

3. Business:

Artist Kengo Kuma designed a Starbucks using shipping container construction. Containers are stacked on top of each other, and a drive through is available on the ground floor. Creating functional spaces with shipping containers is another step towards sustainability. — view now

4. Art:

This home art piece incorporates the functionality and artistic side of using shipping containers. Using the Mojave Desert as the backdrop, this home uses shipping containers to highlight the nature surrounding. This functional home embraces the environment by reusing materials and showcases the beauty of nature with an indoor/outdoor space. — view now

5. Pools:

The company, Modpools, uses shipping containers to build pools and hot tubs. This cuts down the materials and work needed to install a pool. Reusing materials instead of using more sounds like a fantastic way to create a space efficiently, quickly and cost effectively. — view now

Unique Shipping Container Projects