What information is required for a complete accessory dwelling unit application?

Here is a summary of the information needed for the building permit submittal for an accessory dwelling unit. It is a good idea to review the checklist here with City Staff at the public counter to confirm certain requirements and to see if there are any other applications or materials required for your application.

Master Application:

This application will have general information about your ADU, such as the address, contact information, and a project description. This form must include the required signatures or an Owner/Agent Authorization form filled out.

Filing Fee:

The cost of the application varies depending on the scope of the work.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Worksheet:

The worksheet has various questions regarding project statistics, parking, and regulations.


Colored and legible photographs of the site and adjacent development including the elevations of the existing building. The photos must be printed on printer paper or on the plans.

Plan Cover Sheet:

This will include multiple pieces of information about the project. This will show the vicinity map providing the major streets and surrounding properties. General project data will also be listed on the cover sheet. Along with general info, a list of applicable building codes that the construction will comply with is needed. The cover sheet will also have the scope of the work and the identification of the ADU or JADU. The floor area will have to be provided. This is a breakdown of the sum of all of the floors of a structure. Lastly, parking. Make note of the available parking for the new construction.

Site Plan:

A scale drawing of the the project will include, property lines, setbacks, building footprint, open yard, parking spaces, fences, easements, right-of-way, topography, drainage, fire hydrant, nearest manhole location, and oil wells, flood hazard area, and finally utility connections.

Floor Plans:

A complete floor plan of the unit is required to include the rooms, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire separation, sound transmission, and configuration of the dwelling.


This step is only required if there are proposed exterior changes to already existing building. This information includes building, architectural compatibility, grade, building height, and solar access ordinance.

Landscape Plans:

If the ADU is located in the High Fire Hazard Area, a landscape plan in compliance with the Fire Department High Fire Hazard Area Defensible Space Requirements is necessary.

What information is required for a complete accessory dwelling unit application?