Most Popular Home Features

There will always be a few features in every home that are a necessity, while some are less so. Some provide comfort, while others provide function or safety. We strive to meet these most commonly requested features in our new construction projects.

Here is our list of most commonly requested features in a home and our must-haves:

Open Floor Plans:

A warm and inviting space is essential to make a great home. Having an open floor plan brings people together and makes the space feel larger. Instead of being separated by walls, families and friends can spend time together without the issue of confined kitchens or separate dining rooms.

Two-Car Garages:

A multifunctional space for cars and storage is an important feature for a home to have. Having a dedicated space for hobbies, decorations, and more can help make your home more functional. Having enough room to store belongings can help create a more organized and comfortable living space in the home as well.


With more open-floor plans, cabinet storage is decreasing while dedicated pantry space is increasing. This out of sight storage helps to maintain an organized kitchen and living space. Having a space for food or dishes can make a big difference in making a kitchen more orderly.

Walk in Shower:

Having a larger walk-in shower is becoming more popular, along with stand alone tubs in master bathrooms. A large space in the shower reduces the feeling of being crowded and are easier to get in and out of.

Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficient appliances help reduce utility bills and use less resources. Dishwashers, fridges, and more now are manufactured with energy efficient certifications.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces:

Especially if the home is in a temperate climate like Santa Barbara, having a dedicated space that can connect the inside and outside lets people take advantage of where they live. A sliding door, French doors or bi-fold doors help to connect the inside of the home with outdoors, and make indoor spaces feel larger.

Natural Lighting:

Nothing helps lift the mood like natural lighting. Having ample windows that allow sunlight through helps create a space for positivity and productivity. It also helps reduce the amount of artificial light is needed, reducing electricity costs.

Most Popular Home Features