Green Building Certifications: Why Certify a Sustainable Building

This infographic presented by Green Building & Design shows how green building is impacting the construction world. Knowledge about sustainable construction has become an essential tool for building. Sustainable projects and client requests for certified green builders is continuing to grow.

Here are a few of the reasons why contractors should certify a sustainable building, according to Green Building & Design:

Green building skills will be critical to grow business in the next year. The most popular green certification is LEED, “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.” Achieving a certification is proof for the public that a building meets set criteria made to help conserve resources.

Both Manifest Building principals have experience in the LEED Certification process and worked on prominent green buildings in Santa Barbara County including the LOOP Mixed-Use Building at UCSB and the Alma del Pueblo Apartments.

Clients are requesting green construction. Green building is coming into the construction field in full force. Sustainability and energy efficiency is gaining popularity with the public; and people want to do their part in making communities more sustainable. Additionally, new regulations continue to emerge with requirements for energy efficiency and sustainable material selection.

There is an increasing number of green construction projects planned for this year, compared to last year. We are excited to see the influx of more sustainable building practices with more energy and resource efficient projects. We are dedicated to implementing sustainable solutions to building needs. Green building is an opportunity for us to challenge our normal way of constructing and to look at new materials and styles to create places to live with a low impact on the environment.

Green Building Certifications: Why Certify a Sustainable Building