Do you know the Expedited Permitting Process for Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS)?

The world changes with new technology, and that includes electric cars. Electric cars need charging stations, but what is the process of getting an EVCS installed? We found a bulletin by the County of Santa Barbara Planning Development that lay out the permitting steps. Here is a summary of what it goes over:

The Difference Between a Level 1 and Level 2 Charger

Level 1 chargers are smaller and plug directly into a standard 120 volt receptacle outlet. If there are no changes to the electrical system to provide the 120 volt receptacle, then a permit is not required. If there are any changes to be made, then a permit is required before work is started.

Level 2 chargers require a 240 volt electrical circuit. They usually require an electrical permit along with inspections and installations.

Permit Approval Requirements

A completed application form and conformance with the appropriate eligibility checklist are required. Other documents and information will be required with the checklist. A site plan with electrical plan, electric load calculation worksheet, and other additional information will be needed to be included in the application.

Submittal Process

Applications can be submitted in person in Santa Barbara or Santa Maria. Check out the link for the location addresses. Applications can also be submitted online for customers who have already established a revolving account with the County for payment of plan check and inspection fees.


The application will be reviewed within 10 business days. The bulletin also includes links for the fees associated with the process.


Once the permit is issued and the EVCS is installed, it is inspected. Inspections can be scheduled over the phone or through email. They are usually scheduled within a five-day window. The inspector will verify that the permit holder conformed with all technical requirements.

For links and more information, check the bulletin out here.

Do you know the Expedited Permitting Process for Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS)?