5 Reasons Why Shipping Containers are a Sustainable Construction Material

Sustainable construction and using less resources is one of our core values. We are working on a few projects lately with shipping containers and we couldn’t help but notice how building with shipping containers is good for the planet. Shipping containers provide a great base for creative and sustainable building projects.

Here are a few reasons why we love using shipping containers for our sustainable projects:

1. Repurposed Materials

Repurposing materials into a new use, instead of using additional energy to recycle the materials, uses less energy and eliminates the need to create new raw materials. Instead of sitting in a port, or the raw metal material being recycled into other types of metal products, shipping containers can be given a new life as the “bones” of new, habitable structures.

2. Smaller Spaces are Energy Efficient By Nature

The energy needed to heat or power a smaller space will always be less than the energy needed for a larger space. Tiny homes and offices are just a couple of ways a shipping container can be used as an energy efficient unit. Instead of building new structures the traditional way, building with shipping containers requires less materials and time.

3. Assembly On-Site

Since shipping containers are easy to move by truck or train, shipping containers can be easily built on-site at the fabricator’s yard or warehouse, and then transported to it’s permanent resting place. This reduces the need for heavy machinery, materials, and personnel at the project site which reduces the carbon footprint of a project.

4. Multi-Functional

Shipping containers are not limited to becoming tiny homes, but they also make great pool houses, green houses, bar or restaurants, and general outdoor lounge spaces. Because of their versatility, containers are a great substitute for many different materials typically needed for projects. For example, using a shipping container to build a pop-up restaurant will reduce the need for the lumber traditionally used to frame the structure. The use of natural resources can be reduced by using containers for new construction.

5. Affordability

Sustainable building is an important step for creating a sustainable community, but it can come with a higher price tag. Luckily, shipping containers are a cost-effective alternative that can increase the widespread building of sustainable structures. They are highly customizable and can be fabricated with just about any budget in mind.

5 Reasons Why Shipping Containers are a Sustainable Construction Material